Wednesday, December 8, 2010

blog #9

 First I think that I can respond to a variety of text  if I know my audience because you write differently depending on your audience.

While I have not mastered all the goals I have learned to start using my voice to the topic selected, this is new to me but it did not seem like a hard transition although I have seen in my write where I could have used my own voice more .

I now understand the research process better and learned a lot on citing in fact you repeated it enough I do not think I will forget any time soon. But that is a good thing I never knew about citing movies or CD in a paper it is a good thing to know.

While I recognize the importance of writing it is still not something I look forward to doing. And it is definitely an ongoing learning process. 

As far a computer technology goes I understand the limitations and that spell check is not always right but if it was not for that technology I would find writing much more time consuming and not as enjoyable.

I have a better understanding of selecting and evaluating sources this has helped a lot in the research paper. Being able to weed out the good sources from the on the ones that serve no purpose.

blog #8

This was tough getting started, I did not feel as if the information I was getting on the subject was very good, mostly magazine articles. And there seemed to be no logical order to the paper but on the other hand I think that TS/CD really help me out on this paper. I have already done a few revisions and still have more to do.


I think of Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White and Larry the cable guy when I think of humor. I am from the south and to me this is about being able to laugh at yourself. I am just one of those people that can find something funny in just about anything; some people just take things to seriously, life is meant to be enjoyed.
Style is a way in which we distinguish something we do. So with that said it depends greatly on what we are doing as to what style we use. So if we are taking about incorporating style in to our papers then logical, short sweet and to the point would be my style.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog 6

I diid like having to look at the film thu a more critical lens . I like trying to figure out peoples movations for doing things so i did have fun with this one the one thing i would change would to focus equally on the female part of the the equation. i realized after i wrote it that my emphasize was on the male part and that the some of the females did play a big part in what the write wanted you to see as well.

Blog 5

I think i could have more effectively discussed the articles success and could have interjected my opinion more

Monday, October 11, 2010

blog 4

Deer hunting is a passion or more of an obsession that i have I love being out in the field hunting, the thrill of the hunt or just sitting in my tree stand enjoying a quiet day with nature, I hunt bow season, shotgun and muzzle loader and will send as much time in the field as i can.I goal i have is to go bear hunting with a bow 

Another love i have is working on computer figuring out the problems and solving them.

I love to fish and anything outdoors, target shooting, sheet shooting, trap shooting, camping.

I do not watch a lot of tv except for scifi channel but love movies 
I am concerned with gun rights and gun laws

Sunday, September 26, 2010

blog #3

Well this one was not fun or easy to do especially with little to no communications between the members of the group. I do not mind doing a group writing project but people are very hard to get together when projects like this are not done with enough class time. At least this seemed to be the case with our group. This article would have been no easy task to write a 2 page essay as the article was only 2 pages in length. Our entire group seems to be at the same skill level or competent level. Although I saw that there was some confusion as to how to go about the writing process for this paper.  
I think the essay would have been better or well as least more fun had we gotten together as a group to share opinions. There is definite  benefits to working in a group it like having different people proof read the material as well as the different   view points.